Prepping Your Space, So Flossing Is A Breeze

At the moment, flossing your smile may feel like the bane of your existence. If only you didn’t know on a very logical level how important it is to your oral health, you’d just skip it altogether! However, you know that it’s essential, you’re aware that you’ve just got to do it every day, but you wish it could be an easy part of your dental hygiene. Good news: It can be! Our Virginia Beach, VA team reminds you that with the proper setup and education, flossing is super simple. Begin with some basic instructions and for additional support, ask about it during your next visit!

Dedicate A Container To Your Bathroom

You already know that in order to protect your smile fully (that includes your dental health and your periodontal health, too) from problems, your dental hygiene is going to need to include flossing. It stands to reason, then, that something you don’t want to deal with is reaching for the floss only to find that you left your container at work. Make your life so much easier by placing a container in your bathroom that stays there. Then, if you like having floss on hand other places, place additional containers as needed!

Have A Hand Towel Ready

We know you don’t need reminding that flossing can be a bit messy. You’re salivating and placing your fingers in your mouth, so it’s not the neatest of experiences. However, since it’s something you’ve got to do for your dental hygiene, we remind you to ensure you have a hand towel ready before you begin. That way, you can wipe your fingers (or mouth) off as you go. Or, you will at least be ready to rinse your hands and dry them when you’re through! No more stress.

Tear Off Enough Floss

It’s simple. If you don’t have enough floss to begin with, you’re going to have to keep tearing off little pieces of floss (with wet fingers, no less), which you will likely end up dropping into your mouth or onto the floor. It will be hard to hold. Make dental hygiene simple, so you can avoid oral health problems! Instead, begin with the suggested amount (about 18 inches) and you’ll get through your entire flossing routine with ease!

Make Flossing Easy With Our Advice

Don’t give up on flossing if you find that performing it causes you to become flustered or makes your dental hygiene seem taxing. Instead, discuss the details with our team during your next checkup for easy care. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.