Improve TMJ Problems Starting Right Now!

Dealing with TMJ issues can become a little bit confusing. First, there’s the fact that if you’re only just coming to learn about your TMJs (or, your jaw joints, which are also referred to as your temporomandibular joints) and the fact that they shouldn’t hurt, you may not know what to do. You may wonder what the discomfort means. You may feel uncertain about the long-term effects if you just hope for the issue to resolve on its own. From our Virginia Beach, VA team’s perspective as dental professionals, you need care immediately and you need to make changes soon. TMJ problems don’t clear up on their own. Instead, when you begin protecting your jaw joints, you create space for healing! Learn more about getting started today!

See Your Dentist

The first thing that you can do to quickly begin to learn more about your TMJ health, what’s going on with your smile, about potential consequences, and how to make things better: Call our team today, so you may schedule a visit with your Virginia Beach dentist. By coming in, you’ll know much more than the simple fact that you’re experiencing a symptom. You’ll gather more information about the possible contributing factors, you may be able to begin receiving TMJ treatment from us to provide your jaws with serious protection, and you’ll learn about easy lifestyle choices to implement ASAP!

Ease Up On Snack Frequency

Regardless of what’s going on specifically with your TMJ health, your Virginia Beach dentist reminds you that it’s always best for your oral health if you limit your snacking. When you snack all day long, you expose your teeth to an increased risk of problems like decay (if snacks include carbs and sugars), you encourage the development or the worsening of bruxism disorder, and you also exhaust your jaw joints. Take it easy, so jaw joints can rest.

Go Easy On Food Choices

As much as it’s important to be careful with how often you eat, it’s also important to consider what you eat, explains your Virginia Beach dentist. Don’t forget: Anything that takes extra time, pressure, motion, and force to eat can strain jaw joints. So, skip super chewy, sticky, hard, tough foods when you can!

Don’t Practice DIY Jaw Protection

A quick hint: Even if you feel tempted to try to create your own exercises to stretch or relieve your jaw joints, skip it. Ask us for suggestions for your TMJ health during a visit and follow them. It’s your best option!

Address TMJ Disorder Today

Don’t wait any longer if you think you may require any type of treatment for your TMJs. Remember that when you begin addressing TMJ problems, you prevent additional damage and offer relief. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.