Invisalign: Right For You Or Wrong For You?

You may have some idea of what you can expect from Invisalign treatment, primarily because it’s a well-known orthodontic treatment. However, as far as whether this aligner-tray based system is something that’s right for you … or maybe wrong for you … well, that’s something you don’t really know so much about. The good news is that we are here at our Virginia Beach, VA practice to help guide you in all things related to dental care. Feeling like it’s time to straighten out your smile? Learn more from us!

Right If Your Alignment Needs Match Up

Of course, the main consideration in terms of whether or not you’re going to be a good candidate for Invisalign treatment with our Virginia Beach practice is whether or not your unique alignment needs match up with the benefits Invisalign offers. While there are some types of misalignment that these clear aligner trays may not be able to address, they can actually help with a shockingly lost list of concerns, including: Overbite, under bite, open bite, crossbite, spaced teeth, overcrowding, and more. Learn more when you see us!

Right If You Want Hidden Care

In addition to wanting your smile to look better, are you someone who would really not like to deal with a conspicuous treatment as you get there? If so, we remind you that the trays offered by Invisalign are made of clear material!

Right If You Can Maintain Removable Trays

We are happy to explain to patients that the removable trays associated with Invisalign treatment offer exceptional convenience. Rather than having to adjust to something like teeth covered in brackets and wires, here you can simply remove the trays from your mouth when necessary! This may be a wonderful choice for you … that is, if you can comfortably remember to maintain your Invisalign trays. How do you do that? Well, first, you’ll need to keep them clean through the help of our instructions. Next, you’ll need to be careful about storing them properly (and not losing them). It’s actually fairly easy!

Right If You’re Open To The Guidelines

We remind you that our Virginia Beach team will furnish you with the complete list of guidelines suggested for Invisalign treatment. If you’re open to following them, then you may make a wonderful candidate. Generally speaking, it’s all about wearing trays for the proper amount of time and keeping them safe!

Find Out If Invisalign Is Right For You

Visit our team when you are ready to learn more about whether Invisalign treatment is the right choice for you! We will be happy to meet with you to talk over the details of candidacy and what you may expect! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.