Overlooked Benefits of Preventive Care

Sometimes our satisfied dental patients in Virginia Beach, VA come in because “It’s what they’ve always done.” If you have formed the excellent habit of maintaining a twice-yearly schedule of dental checkups and cleanings, you should pat yourself on the back. Not only are we able to keep current with any whole-body issues and the state of your oral health, but you reap the benefits of a strong preventive care routine. When we are able to catch issues early, and work as your smile partner, everyone benefits.

Prevention Saves You Time

Are you thinking “How does coming to your modern and comfortable office save me time?” It saves time because a cleaning appointment can be scheduled in advance at the time of your choosing, and usually takes under an hour. On the other hand, diagnosing a cavity and placing a tooth colored filling will take longer. Cavities that have progressed beyond fillings may take even longer to restore to health.

Prevention Saves You Money

While investing in your dental health might seem like just a twice-yearly expense, many insurance plans cover a significant portion of preventive care costs. We also have financing options and a knowledgable team to help your figure that out. If you decide the skip exams and cleanings be aware that overlooked problems do not go away, but usually progress to larger and more expensive issues as time goes on.

Prevention Sets A Great Habit for Youngsters

If you are a role model for little ones, your attendance at preventive checkups sets a great example for your children. Even among adults, we have found that if one partner regularly makes appointments, it is more likely the second partner will also attend appointments. Don’t let your lack of interest set a lackadaisical example for someone else!

Prevention is a Simple Step With a Great Return on Investment!

If you have been putting off checkups and cleanings, now is the time to end the procrastination. Find a convenient time and come see us. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.