Your Virginia Beach Dentist Talks: Time For Smile Care

There are different aspects of smile care that you may find yourself occasionally poring over or feeling particularly curious about. When the topic of time is on your mind, it can certainly lead to a long list of questions. You may wonder about how frequently you should care for your teeth and gums (and more), you may wonder about how long you should stand in front of the mirror brushing, and the list certainly goes on and on. To help you along with the particulars, your Virginia Beach dentist would like to offer you some helpful information that tends to address frequently asked questions. For any remaining uncertainty, simply bring up your questions during your next checkup with our Virginia Beach, VA practice!

Time In Terms Of Daily Frequency

Your Virginia Beach dentist knows that one of the most important questions you need answered about smile care is how much you need to brush and floss, etc. Of course, this is easy to remember and to implement, once you learn it. So, in terms of both your home care and professional care, let’s talk about how to make it through your dental hygiene experience (and more) for a healthy smile:

  • At home, you need to brush your teeth two times every day. You need to floss once every day.
  • As for professional care, you need to come in to see us two times a year.

Time: Down To The Minute!

We remind you that, of course, when you realize how frequently you should brush and floss you’re almost there but you still need a bit more information! How long should you brush, you wonder? Well, when it comes to brushing (which you’re doing morning and evening), those experiences should be two minutes long, so you have time to be thorough about it! As for flossing, just remember to be gentle and it takes as long as you need.

Time, The Annual Details

Great, you learned that you need to see us for dental checkups and cleanings twice a year! So, does that mean twice in January and then you’re good for the remaining 11 months of the year, you ask? Not exactly. The twice-a-year thing means spaced out evenly, so that means every six months!

Time: How Often You Can Miss Your Care

While you may have been hoping your Virginia Beach dentist would tell you that missing care every now and then would be okay, the answer is that it’s never okay! That applies to every aspect, from brushing to flossing and seeing our team for checkups and cleanings! Always do your best to stay on track.

Keep Up With Smile Care Details

Remember that the frequency and consistency with which you practice dental care is extremely significant to your ability to keep your smile in excellent condition. Ask us your questions if you need a refresh! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.