Your Virginia Beach Dentist Explains: 3 (Unexpected) Problems For Your Gums

You may be doing all that you figure is necessary to protect yourself from gum health problems. You visit our Virginia Beach, VA team for the preventive care we suggest. You’re thoughtful and dedicated at home, ensuring your daily care includes the brushing and flossing that we suggest. So, you simply guess that your gums will remain in lovely condition because why wouldn’t they? Well, your Virginia Beach dentist reminds you that there are some additional factors to consider, so that you’re taking exceptional care of your gums, as you avoid potential problems.

#1: Smoking And Tobacco

You might be taking exceptional care of your smile in terms of preventive dental care. However, you may still be very vulnerable to the development of gingivitis. Why is that? Well, because you smoke or use another form of tobacco. We remind you that these products will contribute to dry mouth by reducing saliva flow (which we will further explain). They also decrease your body’s ability to deal with the bacteria that are present, as well as infection, so you simply become more prone to gum disease.

#2: Contact With OTC Teeth Whitening

Are you enjoying using over the counter (OTC) whitening products on a regular basis? If so, first, we remind you that coming in for professional teeth whitening is always much safer and much more effective, so feel free to schedule a cosmetic consultation soon! In addition, we remind you that when you apply bleaching gel to your own smile, it may come into contact with your gum tissue. Unfortunately, this can cause damage to these soft tissues, which are meant to be protected from the harsh ingredients. Skip this and see us instead to protect your gum health.

#3: Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can lead to problems, as well, for your gum health. Remember that saliva contributes to keeping your teeth and gums clean throughout the day. Think of it as a consistent rinsing of your oral tissues, as saliva enter your mouth and you occasionally swallow. Now, remember that the absence of that saliva will allow bacteria (within plaque and tartar) to accumulate. This can encourage the development of gum health issues, such as gingivitis! Think this may be affecting you? Try adding additional water into your daily intake and come in for a visit soon!

Keep Gums Protected With Our Dental Care

Whether you need help with your preventive care, you’re interested in a cosmetic treatment, or otherwise, remember that choosing to make your dental care choices through our practice will help protect your gums! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.