Individual, Missed Details That Negatively Impact Your Dental Hygiene

As you think about caring for your smile health, you know that dental hygiene is one integral part of a job well done. However, what you may fail to recognize at first glance is the fact that the only way your hygiene is going to truly benefit you is if you’re practicing it in a comprehensive manner, which actually means practicing all of prevention in a comprehensive manner. Your Virginia Beach dentist wonders, did you know that if you’re missing just one aspect of the care we suggest for you that it can negatively influence your brushing and flossing (and that negatively impacted hygiene can, in turn, make other parts of prevention less effective)? Consider our Virginia Beach, VA team’s suggestions for an airtight approach to smile protection!

Missing Your Flossing Only

We would like to begin by reminding you that even if you only miss your flossing sessions, which should happen once every day, this is much more significant than you may realize! Of course, you may think to yourself that as long as you’re brushing thoroughly and you’re seeing us for checkups and cleanings, that overlooking flossing will be no biggie. However, when you do so, you leave behind a significant amount of plaque, which becomes tartar, which accumulates, making your oral health in less exceptional condition. Always floss every day!

Just Forgetting To Schedule Cleanings

It’s a very common tale, explains your Virginia Beach dentist. You figure that your brushing and flossing is so exceptional and consistent that there’s probably no need for a dental cleaning. After all, your dental hygiene is keeping your smile super clean, so why would you need a professional cleaning, too? Well, here’s the problem: You miss plaque. It becomes tartar. When you see us, we remove it for you, so your brushing and flossing is as powerful and thorough as possible. When you don’t see us, you’re brushing and flossing over that accumulation, which isn’t very beneficial.

Skipping A Single Brushing Session

Just brushing once a day because you figure that your brushing and flossing will work wonders, since you’re also seeing us for cleanings? It doesn’t quite work this way. You’ll constantly be just behind the ball with your oral health because of the aforementioned plaque and tartar that can form simply as the result of one missed brushing session each day. Ready for a complete explanation and answers to questions? Come in for a checkup with your Virginia Beach dentist!

Make Your Hygiene Complete

Enjoy complete dental hygiene that promotes your healthiest smile by simply paying attention to detail, so you know you’re never missing a step. Ask our team for further information to ensure you’re getting it right! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.