Your Not-So-White Smile: Your Virginia Beach Cosmetic Dentist Explains

You insist that you brush your teeth. You floss your smile. You even see us for checkups and cleanings! You do all of the stuff that you are supposed to do in order to protect your smile and avoid oral health problems. Unfortunately, you are still facing the fact that you have some amount of discoloration that leaves you with a smile that isn’t bright, isn’t white, and isn’t something you feel very happy about. Our Virginia Beach, VA team understands how you’re feeling. We also remind you that we have answers and cosmetic treatment, so you can love your grin again! Learn more from your Virginia Beach cosmetic dentist!

It’s Just From Living Life

It’s normal for teeth vibrancy to fade, since you use your smile every single day of your life! This is true even when you take wonderful care of it. We can help with cosmetic treatments!

It’s Too Much Contact With Pigments

Remember that when you’re consuming foods and beverages that are packed with pigments (just imagine any very staining food, such as cola) and they sit on your teeth, those pigments work their way into your teeth. Teeth are porous! So, over time, those pigments build up and yield a stained or discolored appearance, often with a dim or yellowed hue. The good news is that your Virginia Beach cosmetic dentist offers solutions to get your smile vibrant and white again!

It’s From Eroded Enamel

You may not realize this but it’s something that may be impacting you: Even if you care for your smile, if you consume a lot of acidic foods or snack frequently throughout the day without rinsing, you may be dealing with acid erosion, which thins your outer tissue layer called enamel. Your enamel then becomes more prone to staining (and the yellow-ish tissue layer below it, called dentin, can more easily shine through). Learn from your Virginia Beach cosmetic dentist about options for improvement and future protection!

It’s Internal Staining

Certain medications, such as tetracycline, and trauma can lead to internal discoloration. That means you’re not seeing staining in the upper layers of your teeth but stains that show through from within. You might brush and floss and do everything correctly but you’re still seeing this issue. Remember: Your Virginia Beach cosmetic dentist can address it!

We Can Help!

See your Virginia Beach cosmetic dentist soon to discuss the many ways we can help you brighten your smile!

Address Discoloration With Ease! 

Don’t assume that since you care for your smile but have discoloration, you’re out of luck. Come see us, instead, as you learn that sometimes you just require cosmetic care in order to brighten your grin! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.