Flossing: Fixing Your Faltering And Moving Forward 

When it comes to flossing, things can go very well! Or, they can go sort of okay. They can also become non-existent (you know, when you just decide not to do it at all). Our Virginia Beach, VA team realizes that in many cases, you may be having some trouble with this aspect of your home dental care but not really know what’s going wrong, what you should be doing, or how to make things better, so you can stay on the path that ensures a very healthy smile. While it may feel like a very uncertain thing at the moment, your Virginia Beach dentist can fix that right up with the new info you really need!

What’s It Mean If You’re Failing Or Faltering At Flossing?

When you’re failing with floss, that means you’re just not flossing at all! You can instantly remedy this by choosing to add it back into your daily life as you remember to floss just once as part of your daily dental hygiene! Easy. However, if you find that you’re faltering, this means you may occasionally skip it or that you’re having some problems with your approach. Your Virginia Beach dentist reminds you to consider the fact that we are here for you to help you. Chances are good you’re sometimes avoiding it because you don’t know how to very easily follow through with completing it. Let us answer your questions, so you can do it every single day!

Doesn’t It Count If You At Least Try?

If you want to make yourself feel better, you can tell yourself that as long as you attempt to floss daily, it counts. However, you cannot trick your smile! Unless you are completely and gently flossing as part of daily dental hygiene, you’re leaving behind plaque (that becomes tartar), which encourages the formation of issues that can damage your smile, including tooth decay and also gum disease.

How To Move Forward?

If you have gingivitis, cavities, or other issues that have resulted at least in part due to your lax flossing habits, then remember: Everything will be okay! Come in for the care you need. As for moving forward with improved dental hygiene and flossing, make sure you like what you’re using (or change it), gather instruction from your Virginia Beach dentist, and simply make the choice to start. It’s that easy!

Improve Your Flossing Habits Today! 

Allow our team to help you with your flossing habits, so you can feel good about your dental hygiene, so you may feel much more certain that you can easily protect your smile, and so your oral health benefits! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.