Do You Snore At Night? Your Virginia Beach Dentist Can Help

People who typically snore at night can feel embarrassed by the problem, and they can have understandable concerns that they are making it harder for their partner to rest. If you have a habit of snoring at night, you can talk about the issue with your Virginia Beach dentist. Our practice has experience helping people who struggle with nightly snoring, particularly those who snore because of obstructive sleep apnea. With a special oral appliance, we can help you rest quietly, and also prevent breathing difficulties caused by airway obstruction. If you are surprised to learn that you can visit our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office for snoring troubles, make sure you take advantage of regular dental exams, as checkups help you stay informed about the services we can provide.

Snoring Can Occur When Your Breathing Passages Are Partially Blocked

Why do some people snore whenever they sleep? These frustrating noises often occur when soft tissues in a person’s throat partially block their airways. The air passing through partially blocked breathing passages can create louder sounds; if you suffer from sleep apnea, you can make choking and gasping noises in addition to traditional snoring.

Are You Struggling With Sleep Apnea?

People who snore may not realize that their problem is actually with sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition that makes a full night’s rest difficult to enjoy because of prolonged interference with your breathing. You may not remember experiencing these losses of air, but your body has to interrupt your sleep cycle to do something about them when they occur. As a result, you can start to experience problems with fatigue, trouble concentrating, and have a harder time managing your health. Fortunately, the appliance provided by your dentist to stop sleep apnea’s effects can help you breathe quietly, and once again enjoy the important benefits of sleep.

Learn More About The Oral Health Services Available To You At Regular Checkups

If you regularly attend dental exams, you can have an easier time taking advantage of the many services our Virginia Beach dentist’s office provides. During checkups, we can provide support for traditional concerns like tooth decay and gum disease, but we can also speak about matters like TMJ treatment, or nightly teeth grinding. When you are regularly taking advantage of services from your dentist’s office, it becomes easier to stay on top of your oral health needs!

Talk To Absolute Dental Care About Your Troubles With Snoring

At Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA, patients who are struggling to stop snoring can find out about our comfortable approach to helping them address the matter. This is one of many treatments we are ready to deliver – call Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA, today at (757) 428-7440 to find out more.