Why Does Cavity Treatment Require A Restoration?

Why is it so important that a tooth be restored with a dental filling or dental crown when a cavity forms? Our teeth are limited in how much they damage they can recover from – when a cavity develops, the harm to your dental material is permanent. As a result, it is necessary to provide lasting protection with the right restoration. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can make sure that you enjoy quality restorative dental work if you develop a problem with decay. In addition to providing fillings and crowns that have important functional value, your Virginia Beach dentist takes care to provide restorations that closely imitate your natural tooth structure.

A Cavity Causes Permanent Damage To Tooth Structure

A cavity causes serious damage, and if you do not act in time that harm will steadily grow more serious. Eventually, bacteria can start to attack the living nerves inside your tooth, which can cause you to experience dental pain and sensitivity. It should be noted that even a small cavity that only damages your enamel does permanent harm that requires professional care.

We Use Lifelike Restorations To Take Care Of Our Patients’ Teeth

The dental fillings and dental crowns used by your dentist to restore teeth are able to provide important protection. They also offer meaningful support for your smile, as they can imitate your tooth color and texture. The first step in treating a cavity involves removing decaying tissues, and eliminating the potential for further damage to occur. If bacteria have reached your pulp and begun attacking the tooth’s living tissues, a root canal procedure will be required. Once this work is complete, your dentist will determine if you need a filling or crown. While fillings are the more conservative treatment option, crowns are required for teeth that require more support than a filling can offer.

Consistent Dental Care Can Help You Prevent Future Cavities

If you want to reduce your risk for cavities, and avoid problems with advanced decay, stay consistent with dental checkups! At every routine dental visit, your smile is thoroughly checked for any decay that might require action on your dentist’s part. You also receive thorough teeth cleanings that remove harmful plaque and tartar that can cause future problems for your oral health.

Arrange Expert Restorative Dental Care From Your Virginia Beach Dentist

At Absolute Dental in Virginia Beach, VA, we are proud to make quality restorative dental care available to our patients. In addition to fully restoring a tooth affected by decay, your Virginia Beach dentist can provide a filling or crown that preserves the appearance of your tooth, sparing you any concerns about your smile after treatment. To find out more, or to make an appointment, call Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA, today at (757) 428-7440.