Sleep Apnea Can Interfere With Your Health In Worrying Ways

If you snore while you sleep, and also struggle to feel well-rested during the day, the problem may be with sleep apnea. When sleep apnea affects someone, it can deprive them of their ability to complete their rest cycles. Obstructive sleep apnea – a form of sleep apnea where soft tissues block your breathing passages – can force your body awake many times in the night, even if you do not remember waking. If this is not dealt with, it can affect your mental and physical well-being in several ways. Fortunately, it is possible to address the problem and restore your ability to breathe comfortably. Your Virginia Beach dentist can provide an appliance designed to position your jaw so that you can be freed of the harmful effects of sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Can Deprive You Of A Full Night’s Rest

When a person struggles with sleep apnea, it becomes difficult for them to gain the benefits of rest that their body depends on for support. Because you are continually awakened by an inability to breathe, your rest cycle must restart. If this continues, you can start to experience problems that you might associate with a prolonged lack of sleep. You may feel irritable or distracted during the day, and struggle with fatigue. You can also have difficulty maintaining your general and mental health. Sleep apnea can even affect your blood pressure, and increase your risk for heart troubles.

Wearing An Appliance To Address Sleep Apnea Troubles

If you have issues with obstructive sleep apnea, your Virginia Beach dentist can provide an alternative to treatment with a CPAP machine. What can be offered to you instead is a custom appliance you can place in your mouth to gently change the position of your jaw. That adjustment can ensure that your breathing passages are open while you rest, meaning you are no longer susceptible to issues with airway restrictions. As a result, you can once again enjoy a full night’s rest!

Your Virginia Beach Dentist Can Offer More Than Just Cavity Protection!

During routine dental exams, you can speak to us about more than just your concerns about cavities or gum disease. When you have issues with snoring, or other symptoms of sleep apnea, we can talk about treatment. We can also help you if you struggle with habitual teeth grinding at night, a problem known as bruxism. Bruxism can eventually lead to serious damage to your smile, which can create problems for your smile, and may do enough harm to require restorative dental work.

Discuss Sleep Apnea Concerns At Absolute Dental Care

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