Work With A Virginia Beach Dentist On Your Smile Makeover

While the idea of a smile makeover can be attractive, people unfamiliar with cosmetic dentistry may worry that the process will be time-consuming, or require visits to several practices. What you can find is that significant smile improvements are easier to enjoy than you might expect! Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist provides multiple procedures that can make a person’s smile look healthier, more symmetrical, brighter, and generally more attractive. While we can discuss performing several treatments to help you show off your ideal smile, it may be possible to address all of your concerns with one procedure. 

What Are Your Goals For A Smile Makeover?

Do you feel that your teeth are noticeably dull or discolored? Are you bothered by wear and tear that makes your smile look uneven, or less healthy? Is the size or length of certain teeth concerning to you? People who feel self-conscious about their teeth may have a single issue they want to address, but many can point to multiple flaws they wish they could improve. When you make an appointment to discuss cosmetic dentistry with us, we can talk with you about all of your concerns. With this information, we can see how we can help you achieve your smile goals.

Your Improvements May Require Less Work Than You Expect

If you have more than one problem with the way your smile looks, should you expect your dentist to recommend multiple procedures? This may not be the case at all – with porcelain veneers, it is possible to address discoloration, damages, and even problems with poor alignment. Veneers are custom shells that only cover the front of your teeth. When they are placed, they can hide blemishes, restore the shape of teeth that look worn or damaged, and even hide gaps and overlaps. With that said, you may find that arranging more than one procedure is beneficial. For instance, you may want to arrange both gum contouring treatment and teeth whitening in order to correct problems with unattractive or excessive gum tissues, then making your teeth visibly brighter.

We Can Also Help You Maintain Your Improved Smile

A single cosmetic procedure can do enough good to significantly boost your confidence. Once you complete care, your concern can shift from changing the way you look to maintaining your improvements. At every routine dental checkup, your dentist can keep your smile safe against threats, and offer tips on preserving the results of your past care.

Talk To Absolute Dental Care In Virginia Beach, VA About A Smile Makeover

At Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA, patients interested in cosmetic dentistry can discuss the benefits of undergoing a smile makeover. What you can find is that the results you want require less time, and less work, than you might think possible! To find out more, call Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA, today at (757) 428-7440.