Enjoy Smile Support From Your Virginia Beach Dentist

How much time and effort have you put into caring for your smile today? A typical day should see you brush at least two times, and you should spend at least two minutes cleaning your teeth during each session. You should also take the time to floss once a day, and be careful to limit your sugar consumption. So if you have these practices in place, you should have nothing to worry about in terms of smile health, right? While good habits are valuable, be careful not to treat them as a substitute for regular dental exams! Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can provide an important review at every appointment, and help you identify and address any problems that might have an impact on your oral health.

Consistent Preventive Dental Care Has Long-Term Value

Consistent checkups provide you with regular feedback about the health of your smile, and they ensure that you enjoy a professional teeth cleaning every six months. The cleanings are important because they defend you against tartar buildup – this substance, once formed, will remain in place until your hygienist takes care of you. If it remains in place, your risk for gum disease and tooth decay can rise. If necessary, we can also arrange to provide a periodontal cleaning, which is used to help you manage problems with gingivitis.

Your Dentist Can Check For More Than Just Cavities

Are you struggling with nightly teeth grinding issues? Do you have pain because of TMJ disorder? These are matters that your dentist can investigate when you come in for a routine appointment. Both are capable of causing you to suffer chronic pain, and bruxism (teeth grinding) can lead to serious dental damage. These are not the only matters your dentist can check on – we can also help you if you show signs of sleep apnea!

We Can Also Help If You Have An Issue With Your Smile

How confident do you feel about your smile today? If you are unhappy with the way you look, we do offer cosmetic dental procedures. You can look into their benefits, and find out how a procedure can help you, by bringing the matter up at our Virginia Beach dentist’s office.

Set Up An Appointment At Absolute Dental Care In Virginia Beach, VA

At Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA, patients can count on consistent smile support every time they come in for an appointment. With a combination of good daily habits and professional preventive support, you can keep your smile safe from harmful tartar buildup, gum disease, and tooth decay! You can also count on our support with other matters that can compromise a person’s oral health and well-being. For more information, call Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440 to schedule a visit.