Regular Teeth Cleanings Help You Protect Your Smile

What does your current routine to protect your smile from harm look like? Are you being consistent with your brushing and flossing? Do you take care to minimize how much sugar you enjoy at your typical meal? The daily effort you put into caring for your smile is certainly important, but remember that your dentist also has important preventive care to provide. At every regular dental checkup with your Virginia Beach, VA dentist, you undergo a thorough teeth cleaning. This practice helps keep your smile safe against problems caused by tartar and plaque buildup, so you can avoid issues that require further treatment. You can also count on a special periodontal cleaning to help you manage your gum health if you show signs of gingivitis.

How Much Support Does Your Smile Currently Receive?

You should take the time out of your day to brush at least twice, and you should floss at least one time. The key to making the most of your routine is to give yourself time to thoroughly clean every surface of every tooth. With these habits in place, you can enjoy an effective defense against plaque and tartar buildup. However, even with good habits at home you should make regular dental checkups a priority. Without them, it can be difficult to make sure you are completely free of harmful bacteria and food debris buildup on teeth.

Regular Teeth Cleanings Help You Avoid Problems With Tartar And Tooth Decay

With regular teeth cleanings, your hygienist closely examines your smile and clears away all plaque and tartar deposits that are present. By doing this, they remove concentrations of bacteria that consume sugars and release harmful acids as part of their digestive process, which leads to enamel erosion and tooth decay. In addition to making you less likely to need dental fillings or dental crowns in the future, these sessions help by identifying areas where you might be doing a poor job cleaning your teeth.

Advanced Periodontal Cleanings Help You Manage Gingivitis

If your dentist notices symptoms of gingivitis while examining your smile, we can move forward with a periodontal cleaning at our practice. This treatment goes further than the typical cleaning you receive during a visit, as it targets the portions of your teeth below your gum line. By removing bacteria buildup in these spaces, we can give your gums a chance to naturally recover from infection and return to good health.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist About Scheduling A Teeth Cleaning

The regular teeth cleanings that you receive at our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can help you maintain better oral health! If you are due for another checkup, or if you have been looking for a Virginia Beach dentist to take care of your smile, please call Absolute Dental Care today at (757) 428-7440 to schedule a visit.