Your Virginia Beach Dentist Can Take On A Tooth Infection

When you experience a painful tooth infection, the problem can be hard to ignore. General discomfort, sensitivity to heat and cold, and the inability to naturally bite and chew can be serious causes for concern. You would be right to think of the matter as one to bring up with your Virginia Beach, VA dentist as soon as possible. By scheduling root canal treatment as soon as possible, you can ensure that the matter is resolved before the harm causes the tooth to be lost! After restoring your health through root canal treatment, we can put a custom dental crown over the tooth to provide it lasting support.

An Infected Tooth Can Be A Painful And Worrying Problem

A tooth can become infected when a cavity is not promptly treated, or when an injury exposes the tissues housed in its pulp to bacteria. While a cavity can be hard to notice at first, it can become something that is difficult to ignore when you start to feel the symptoms of an infection. You can have persistent pain, swelling around the tooth, and a sensitivity to pressure or extreme temperatures.

Scheduling Root Canal Treatment For Your Problem Tooth

In order to save a tooth that has become infected, we can perform a root canal procedure. This restorative dental treatment is effective at stopping internal problems from worsening because your dentist clears away the infected tissues within. Once this is done, the tooth’s inner chamber is sealed to prevent further troubles. While this can effectively restore the health of your tooth, it is still necessary to have a restoration put in place. With a lifelike dental crown to support the tooth, you can continue to smile, speak, bite, and chew like normal.

What Happens If I Have A Tooth That Cannot Be Restored?

Sometimes, patients will wait until a tooth’s condition is poor to the point that it cannot be saved. When this happens, we can make plans to extract the tooth as well as working out the details of prosthetic dental work. Thanks to dental implants, it is possible to permanently secure prosthetic appliances. These custom restorations can help you feel comfortable with your dental function, and they can stop you from experiencing problems with jawbone density loss over time.

Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist Can Restore The Health Of Your Infected Tooth

At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, patients who are worried about a possible tooth infection can come to us for treatment. After taking care of an infection via a root canal procedure, we can provide a lifelike restoration that keeps you confident in your smile and bite! If you have questions about our restorative procedures, or if you want to learn more about our general dental services, call Absolute Dental Care today at (757) 428-7440 to schedule a visit.