A Loose Or Broken Dental Filling Is A Cause For Concern

Once a dental filling has been placed, it will have an important role to fulfill. Its presence keeps a tooth safe from further harm after a cavity has occurred, and protect the area where decay formed from a new infection. It also offers structural support so that you can bite and chew without discomfort. Like tooth enamel, a dental filling is not indestructible. After a period of time, it may become loose, or even fall out. It is also possible for this restoration to be damaged. If this occurs, it can put your tooth at real risk! Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can make sure your tooth is cared for if this happens, and we can provide you with a new dental restoration.

A Problem With Your Dental Filling Can Negatively Affect Your Tooth

Damage to a dental filling can expose a vulnerable part of your tooth, which can raise your risk for damage. It is also possible for the dental filling to harm your enamel when it is knocked loose or damaged. Remember that the filling is a permanent fixture – it is needed because your tooth is vulnerable to problems without it. The more time you spend without addressing the issue, the more likely you are to face further trouble with your tooth.

Replacing An Older Restoration

In order to restore your tooth, another dental filling may not be the recommended treatment. If the tooth has been damaged further by the filling, or if it is generally weakened, it may be more beneficial to secure it with a dental crown. Crowns cover teeth completely above the gum line, and stop problems with infection and physical trauma. You can talk with your dentist about receiving a dental crown that matches the appearance of your tooth, which can ensure your appearance is not altered by it in an undesirable way.

Our Practice Uses Lifelike Materials For Dental Fillings

Your older dental filling may have been made with metal. While durable, metal is hard to ignore, which means it can stand out when you smile. Metal is also more sensitive to changes in size when exposed to heat and cold, which can affect how securely it is placed. Our practice uses composite resin fillings that are tooth-colored. In addition to having benefits for the way you look, using composite resin means we can provide a restoration that actually bonds with your tooth to provide lasting protection.

You Can Receive Quality Smile Care At Our Virginia Beach, VA Dentist’s Office

Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients in need of treatment for a lost or damaged restoration. After evaluating your tooth, we can provide restorative dental work that provides lasting support. For more information, contact Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.