Floss Each Day To Prevent Tartar Buildup Between Teeth

Without an effective oral hygiene routine in place, bacteria can accumulate in a person’s mouth, which can lead to a buildup of unwelcome plaque and tartar deposits. Is your current routine effectively fighting oral bacteria, or are you more vulnerable to this threat than you realize? As part of your commitment to your smile, make sure you floss on a daily basis. By doing so, you can more effectively fight bacteria that might cause gum disease, or do damage to your teeth that will require restorative dental work. If you have questions about proper preventive care, or if you have any other concerns about the condition of your teeth, make sure you mention them to your Virginia Beach, VA dentist at your next routine dental examination!

Tartar Buildup Can Interfere With Your Work To Prevent Cavities And Gingivitis

Tartar accumulation can put your smile at serious risk for oral health problems – you can have a difficult time preventing gingivitis and tooth decay when these deposits are present. Tartar is particularly concerning because you are not able to remove this substance when you brush and floss. With that said, a good oral care routine that you keep up with each day can protect you by removing oral bacteria and plaque deposits before tartar can form.

What Should My Flossing Routine Look Like?

It is important to see flossing as a part of your daily routine, and not just something you have to do to remove food lodged between teeth. At least one time each day, take a piece of floss and carefully work it between all of the spaces where your teeth meet. To make the most of this routine, remember to move the string vertically, not just in a back and forth motion. Cleaning at the base of your teeth is particularly useful for preventing gum disease, as this clears away bacteria and plaque that can infiltrate your periodontal tissues.

Additional Tips To Help You Prevent Dental Problems

Are you currently doing enough to protect yourself against threats to your smile? The reason you have required dental fillings or dental crowns in the past may be your diet, as poor habits can provide more sustenance for oral bacteria. Cutting back on sugar is important for preventing tooth decay. You should also note that acidic foods and drinks may increase your risk for problems, as they can weaken your enamel. Products that do this can make it easier for cavities to form, and also make it harder for you to prevent a buildup of teeth stains.

Our Virginia Beach, VA Dentist’s Office Offers Protection Against Dental Problems

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