Making Smart Improvements To Your Oral Hygiene Routine

If your current oral care routine is not stopping problems with tartar buildup, gum disease, or tooth decay, it is hard to argue that an improvement is in order. Until you do something about improving your routine, you can stay vulnerable to oral health issues that impact your appearance. You can also negatively affect your physical health in ways that surprise you, as poor oral and periodontal health and can lead to more problems with your general well-being. This does not just mean working on your approach to brushing and flossing (though changes can be called for). You may also find that better diet choices and other adjustments are beneficial. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can speak with you about your current routine, and possible improvements, during an oral health evaluation.

You Should Floss On A Daily Basis To Keep Hard-To-Reach Areas Clean

One thing people fail to realize is that without an active flossing routine, they will have a hard time keeping the spaces between their teeth clean. Even if you recognize that brushing alone is less effective at cleaning these spaces, you should recognize how letting plaque and food debris gather in them can hurt you. Remember that every time you do floss, you should work to completely clean these areas by bringing the string down to the base of teeth.

Avoid Common Mistakes With Your Brushing Routine

A brushing routine that looks effective at first glance can feature several mistakes. One mistake is in brushing times – if you are not working for at least two minutes to clean your smile, you can fail to fully clean less accessible spaces. You should also remember to regularly replace toothbrushes. After three months, a brush can become less effective as the bristles wear down.

The Value Of A Smile-Friendly Diet

Want to avoid future problems that require dental fillings and dental crowns? Start rethinking your usual diet! Many people have a harder time avoiding problems because they are consuming more sugar than they have accounted for. Be careful about what you choose for snacks, as many conveniently packaged or conveniently sold foods are less healthy. You should also remember that your beverage choices matter – to cut back on sugar, start cutting down on soft drinks, sports drinks, and juices.

Our Virginia Beach, VA Dentist’s Office Can Help You Keep Your Smile Healthy!

Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office helps people in and around our community maintain lovely, healthy smiles. If you are having trouble avoiding problems with tooth decay and gum disease, we can help you find areas of improvement that keep your teeth safer from harm. Learn more about our office and services by calling Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.