Should You Treat A Tooth Infection Like An Urgent Problem?

If a tooth looks discolored, if you notice the tissues around it are swollen, or if you are starting to struggle with pain or sensitivity, it is time to worry about a potential infection. An infection occurs when the inner chamber of a tooth, the pulp, is damaged or infiltrated by harmful microbes that attack that tooth’s nerves. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we want our patients to understand that a tooth infection is a serious concern, one that we are prepared to address. Through root canal treatment, the bacteria and damaged tissues in your pulp will be removed, and the tooth will be sealed and supported with a restoration to keep it safe from future problems.

Injuries And Cavities Can Lead To Problems With Infection

Both physical injuries and cavities can lead to problems with infections. When an injury occurs, the pulp can be damaged or exposed, leading to problems that will have to be dealt with through restorative dental work. A cavity does not cause an immediate infection. However, if treatment is not performed in time, the harm to your tooth exposes the pulp to the accumulation of bacteria. Any time an infection occurs, it is possible for the bacteria in your pulp to travel through the roots and create new health complications.

Arranging Treatment At Your Dentist’s Office

At our practice, we are ready to bring patients in to perform root canal therapy. The purpose of this treatment is to fully remedy the health of a tooth by clearing out damaged and infected tissues. Once this is done, the area is sealed, an effort that protects you from further infection. After this occurs, a dental crown can be placed in order to keep the tooth safe. The crown also has the ability to restore your smile and bite function.

Catching And Treating Cavities Before Infections Form

A cavity can be spotted and treated before you have to undergo root canal therapy. During routine dental examinations, we are looking closely for any signs that you might need treatment for decay. A cavity caught in its earlier stages can be taken care of with a dental filling, a more conservative restoration that only occupies the space where decayed tissues were removed.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist If You Have A Tooth Infection

At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, patients who experience symptoms of a tooth infection can reach out to our practice to have the problem effectively treated. In addition to handling active problems, we can offer support through preventive care to help you avoid further problems. If you would like to learn more about our services, please reach out to Absolute Dental Care by calling (757) 428-7440.