Reduce Your Issues With Headaches Through TMJ Treatment

image of man with headacheYou can quickly become fed up with chronic headaches, and you can find that relying on aspirin to manage your pain offers less relief than you would like. What will it take to reduce your number of headaches, or put a complete stop to them? This problem may be one to bring up with your dentist. People who develop problems with TMJ disorder – an issue with their jaw causing chronic discomforts – may experience frequent troubles with headaches. To address headache problems linked to issues with your jaw and facial muscles, our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can use TruDenta for your treatment. We can also discuss the use of appliance therapy to alleviate related difficulties with teeth grinding, which can affect many people who have headaches and TMJ troubles.

What Links Headaches And Jaw Problems?

If you have unresolved issues with tension in your face and jaw, or a problem with the alignment of your jaw joints, you can have a hard time biting, chewing, and speaking. You can also struggle with painful headaches, as your trigeminal nerve, which controls jaw movement, also manages sensation in your face, head, and neck. Aggravating the nerve can cause discomfort in these different areas, leading to frustration and a negative impact on your quality of life.

We Have Technology That Can Identify Problems That Cause Headaches

Through TruDenta treatment, we can identify the issues with your facial muscles and jaw movement that are causing issues with headaches. Once the motions triggering your jaw movement are identified, we can determine what kind of appliance might be effective at changing your bite to ease tensions. Wearing the appliance can encourage better occlusion, meaning your bite will be more even. This can reduce wear and tear on teeth in addition to cutting back on stress.

TMJ Treatment Can Also Help With A Teeth Grinding Problem

Treating problems with TMJ disorder can make you less likely to develop problems with teeth grinding. However, if you are already struggling with this issue, we can provide an appliance to keep your teeth apart during rest. Nighttime grinding, when not treated, can lead to the erosion of your enamel as well as serious chips and cracks. You and your dentist can discuss your options for restoring teeth that have already been harmed by this habit.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist About Your Headaches

Absolute Dental Care is prepared to help patients who have grown frustrated by chronic headache issues. Through TruDenta, we can identify problems with your bite, recommend treatment with a custom-made appliance, and ease jaw and facial tensions that have led to your troubles. To find out more, please contact your Virginia Beach, VA, dentist, Dr. Folck, by calling (757) 428-7440.