Take Part In Our Invisalign VIP Event October 29!

On Thursday, October 29, our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is running a special Invisalign VIP Event! From 2 pm until 8 pm that day, there will be a number of special prizes and activities, and we will provide free Invisalign consultations. Patients who commit to treatment with Invisalign on that date can enjoy some exciting discounts, as we can take $2,000 off the cost of work to straighten your smile. By straightening your teeth with clear aligners, we can give you a more attractive smile without asking you to go through orthodontic treatment with traditional metal braces. This can do more than just change your smile. With your teeth straightened, you can enjoy better oral health and also avoid problems with bite alignment that lead to TMJ disorder and other issues.

Are You Ready To Correct Issues With Your Smile Alignment?

Poorly aligned teeth can have a negative effect on your appearance. Any gaps or overlaps caused by crooked teeth can draw unwanted attention from others while throwing off the symmetry of your smile. Rather than ask you to have brackets and wires fixed in place on your teeth to correct these problems, we can instead provide discreet and removable appliances to move forward with treatment. By relying on these aligners, you can see the results you want from traditional orthodontic work while avoiding the awkward feelings that conspicuous, immovable braces cause.

Our Invisalign VIP Event Provides Great Deals For Patients

Patients who visit us for our special Invisalign VIP event are able to have their initial consultation performed at no cost. This means you can find out if this treatment is right for you, and what it could potentially do for your smile and oral health, for free! Those patients who decide that Invisalign treatment is something they want will see another exciting benefit – we will provide a discount of $2,000 on your adjustment! In addition to providing details on both the advantages of choosing Invisalign treatment and the treatment experience itself, we will be offering fun prizes and giveaways to patients!

Straighter Teeth Can Help With More Than Just Your Smile

While people often think of Invisalign as a cosmetic dental treatment, there are benefits to straightening your teeth that also impact your oral health. By correcting overlaps between teeth, you can actually make preventing dental problems easier. During your consultation, we can also discuss how an adjustment can improve your bite alignment, which will reduce your risk for developing issues with TMJ disorder.

Take Part In Absolute Dental Care’s Invisalign VIP Event!

On Thursday, October 29, we look forward to welcoming everyone to our Invisalign VIP event! If you would like to learn more about this event, if you have questions about Invisalign, or if there are any other oral health matters you want to discuss, contact Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.