What A Custom Dental Crown Does To Protect A Broken Tooth

Your tooth is not going to be able to repair itself after breaking. In fact, going without treatment can lead to its condition worsening, as it can become infected or suffer more physical damage. Fortunately, the right dental restoration can both protect your tooth structure and restore your smile. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, a patient with a broken tooth can look forward to support with a custom dental crown. The crown will be custom-made to fit over your tooth comfortably and securely, and it will be durable enough to absorb the pressure created whenever you bite and chew. If the tooth is in an area that is hard to hide, we can recommend using a lifelike material that imitates the look of healthy enamel.

How Bad Can A Broken Tooth Really Be?

A broken tooth can be a difficult problem to ignore. Unfortunately, some people may try to put off treatment despite their discomfort and the visible change to their smile. An unresolved problem with a dental injury will leave you with limited bite function, which can creates stress on your joints and muscles that raises your risk for TMJ disorder. This problem also leaves you open to an infection that can require root canal therapy. Eventually, an infection will damage a tooth enough to make a tooth extraction the only option left for treatment.

Arranging The Placement Of Your Dental Crown

Before you can receive a crown, careful measurements must be taken to ensure that your restoration will be the right shape and size to fit on your tooth. In addition to finding the right shape and size for your tooth, we can do a color-matching check to ensure that a lifelike restoration blends in with neighboring teeth. Once your restoration is ready, you will return to our office to have your custom crown affixed over the tooth. When a crown is secured to its proper position, it will keep the tooth structure safe from harm and also provide more support for you so that you can bite and chew without difficulties.

Why You May Need Root Canal Therapy Before Your Crown Is Placed

A tooth injury can lead to an infection of the pulp, the central location of the tooth where living tissues are housed. If an infection has formed, or if there are internal injuries that affect the tooth, root canal treatment will have to take place before you receive your crown. We can make sure that your tooth is safe from complications caused by internal damage before we provide your permanent crown.

Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist’s Office About Restoring A Broken Tooth

Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is ready to help patients who need treatment for dental injuries. Because we offer durable, lifelike crowns for injured teeth, we can make sure that you are able to bite, chew, and speak without trouble. To learn more, contact Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.