What To Expect When You Arrange Treatment For A Broken Tooth

Breaking a tooth can be a painful and upsetting experience, but you can feel less afraid of what happens after an injury when you know how your dentist can help you. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we can bring you in for an evaluation so that we can find the most conservative treatment option available to you. When possible, we can move forward with a cosmetic dental procedure that minimizes changes to your tooth structure. However, when it is necessary to do so, we can move forward with restorative dental work. When restoring a broken tooth, we can still take care to preserve your smile even if you require more advanced care.

Your Injury May Be More Serious Than You Realize

A broken tooth can pose more than just a problem for your bite and appearance. When damage to your enamel occurs, you are left vulnerable to problems with infection. An infection that forms is capable of causing an alarming degree of discomfort, and it can lead to worsening oral health difficulties. Eventually, this problem can cause tooth loss if it is not treated in time. Upon your arrival, we can check on the tooth to determine if infection should be a concern. If so, we can recommend treatment via root canal therapy.

Undergoing Root Canal Therapy For Your Broken Tooth

Root canal therapy addresses problems within the tooth structure. Infections and physical injuries will leave you vulnerable to difficulties with pain and sensitivity until problems within the tooth are resolved. During a procedure, your pulp will have bacteria and damaged tissues removed. After this, we can seal the pulp and prepare your tooth for protection from a dental crown. The crown is needed because root canal therapy affects the tooth structure permanently, which means protection must be provided.

How Will My Tooth Stay Safe After Treatment?

Superficial injuries can be addressed through cosmetic services like tooth bonding treatment, or with the placement of a porcelain veneer. If you need more than just superficial coverage, we can recommend that you receive a custom dental crown. A crown provides lasting stability and bite support while also keeping a tooth safe from further harm. Crowns that imitate healthy teeth can be used in treatment, which means you will not have to worry about your procedure permanently altering the way you look!

Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist Can Restore Your Broken Tooth

Through thorough, prompt treatment, our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can resolve any problems that you have with a broken tooth! We provide a variety of cosmetic and restorative procedures, and can make sure that your needs are fully addressed when you come to us for help. To find out more, please contact Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.