Let’s Talk About A Smile Makeover

man with confident smileHow much good can cosmetic dental work really do for a person? Is it possible to see more than just modest changes to your overall appearance? With the right approach to treatment, you may be surprised at just how much the right services can do for you. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office offers several procedures that can improve your confidence by taking on embarrassing or concerning flaws. When you choose to move forward with a smile makeover, you may worry that we will bring out a long list of recommended services. However, you can find that dramatically improving the way you look can takes less time, and fewer treatments, than you think possible!

What Can You Really Count On From Cosmetic Treatment?

Different cosmetic dental procedures can take on a range of concerns about the way you look. We can address issues that you have with the color of your smile, address problems with poor alignment or spacing, and even improve the appearance of your gums! A smile makeover is planned around your current appearance, as well as the concerns you express about the way you look. Our goal is to help you show off your ideal smile while finding the most conservative treatment approach possible.

Addressing Dental Damage Or Wear And Tear

Dental damage, along with general enamel wear and tear, can make your teeth look older and less healthy. By taking on these issues, we can make you feel more confident in the way you look while making limited changes to your enamel. Through tooth bonding and contouring, we can address these issues without the need for permanent restorations. We can also discuss the benefits of treatment with porcelain veneers. While they are thin, veneers are capable of holding up against biting and chewing pressures for many years.

Treatment For Discoloration, Poor Alignment, And Other Concerns

Dental discoloration, problems with smile alignment, and even trouble with the appearance of your gums can make you unhappy with your smile. Veneers and tooth bonding services can help hide alignment flaws while brightening your smile. To directly address discoloration, we can recommend teeth whitening treatment. Gum contouring work can take on issues with bulky or uneven periodontal tissues. Before suggesting a specific treatment or series of treatment, we can study your smile to see what approach might be the right one for you.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist About A Smile Makeover

Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is ready to help you pursue a smile makeover! Through treatment, we can take on any concerns you have about the way you look and give you renewed confidence in the appearance and condition of your teeth. To find out more, please contact Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.