Invisalign And Your Crowded Teeth

When poor teeth spacing leaves you with awkward overlaps and a smile that appears crowded, it can be difficult to project a confident overall appearance. Those lingering doubts about your smile can be difficult to live with; fortunately, the right procedure can take care of this problem. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we can provide results in the form of Invisalign treatment. A set of personalized clear aligners will allow you to gradually move your teeth so that they no longer overlap their neighbors and create embarrassing flaws. Access to a discreet and convenient treatment can make orthodontic treatment easier to agree to while still delivering exciting results!

Crowding Issues From Poor Teeth Spacing Can Hurt Your Smile

When your teeth are too close together, they can overlap and create awkward cosmetic issues. The “crowding” effect can make some of them jut out, while others can be recessed. For many people who have this problem, Invisalign can provide an effective solution. With a set of clear aligners designed for you, we can guide teeth out of this spacing trouble and into better positioning overall. As a result, you can feel more confident in how you look without having to rely on metal braces that must be fixed in place!

Using Invisalign To Fix A Problem With Your Appearance

Your Invisalign aligners make it possible for you to gradually adjust your teeth without the need to wear metal braces. The appliances that you receive will be custom-made to make sure they fit properly and make the right movements. Each one will be worn for a select period of time. To stay on track with your adjustment, it is important that you keep your designated aligner in place throughout the day. Fortunately, you can still remove them without issue when you need to eat or clean your teeth.

What Else Can Invisalign Do For You?

With Invisalign aligners, you can make changes to your smile alignment in order to to improve your bite function. By straightening your teeth, you make it easier to evenly apply and release pressure. This stops you from overworking certain teeth, and it will lower your risk for TMJ problems. Another benefit to corrective work is that you no longer have to work to clean spaces where teeth overlap and are harder to reach.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist About Treatment With Invisalign

If you would like to do something about poor teeth spacing but feel uneasy about wearing braces, our practice is ready to help! With Invisalign aligners, we can take on problems with crowding, gaps, and other concerns with malocclusion. If you would like to find out more, reach out to Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA at 757-428-7440.