Fillings: Things People Say Vs. The Truth

In case you haven’t noticed, people tend to have a lot of things to say about nearly everything. As a result, when something like the topic of dentistry and dental fillings comes up, you may find that people come up with a long list of details that seem very confusing. Some people say very good things, while others have a whole lot of negative stuff to spout off. As a result, you might find yourself feeling a bit insecure about treating your decay! Not to worry. We can help you sort out the mystery.

Things People Say: Fillings Hurt

The Truth: It doesn’t hurt to get a filling. Why is this the case? Well, because we take precautions so that you have a nice experience receiving a dental filling. Of course, we also want to encourage you to enjoy dental care and to want to come back! Our goal is to help you and for you to like maintaining your smile.

Things People Say: You Can Feel Your Filling

The Truth: You won’t be able to tell the difference between your tooth and your dental filling. After just a few days, the two will feel like the same thing: An extension of your healthy tooth.

Things People Say: Your Filling Won’t Last Long

The Truth: In the old days, when composite was a new way to fill teeth, fillings didn’t last as long as amalgam. Today, however, your tooth-colored filling can enjoy a nice, long life in your smile. So, when you hear your friends talking about something that sounds outdated (like that your filling isn’t going to last several years), remember that today’s technology means it’s durable and reliable.

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