Toothbrush Resolutions for 2018

In the scope of things, toothbrush resolutions may not seem very important. On the other hand, these next three resolutions are so simple, you are almost guaranteed to be successful at keeping them all year long. And a toothbrush is one of your most powerful allies in the battle for healthy teeth and gums. Proper brushing, combined with flossing and regular preventive dental visits can help make 2018 the best dental year yet, for you and your whole family.

Toothbrush Resolution #1: Replace Regularly

Most dentists recommend replacing a toothbrush under these circumstances:

  • About every three months
  • When it begins to look significantly frayed or worn
  • When you have been sick
  • When it has been dropped into an unclean situation

Toothbrush Resolution #2: Keep It Soft

Unless your dentist has instructed you differently, a soft toothbrush is recommended. In addition to soft bristles, your brushing action should also have a light touch. There is no need to scrub with excessive force. In fact, excessively harsh and vigorous brushing can injure the gums, and cause them to pull back from the teeth. Gum recession can open the door to gingivitis and other gum issues.

Toothbrush Resolution #3:  Two minutes, twice a day

While a quick 30-second swipe might seem sufficient, that isn’t enough time to clean your teeth surfaces, and at the gum line. There are lots of options to help you count out two minutes. You can play a song, set a timer, or count it down on your smart phone. Electric toothbrushes may have a built in timer, that keeps the brush head moving for a full two minutes. Find what works for you and stick with it.

Resolve to Improve your Brushing in 2018

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