Why You’re Actually Avoiding Dental Hygiene

Why do you think you avoid your dental hygiene? Is it because it’s annoying, you don’t really see the point, or because you find that it’s just inconvenient? Perhaps you don’t actually think it’s that big of a deal, you know it’s necessary, and you recognize it doesn’t take very much time out of your daily life. So, what gives, you wonder? We happen to have some ideas about the behind-the-scenes emotional factor regarding why you really don’t spend the time you should brushing and flossing. If you can relate, consider our thoughts and let us know if you need some guidance!

It Doesn’t Seem To Be Working

We find that one of the reasons patients begin to shy away from their dental care is if it doesn’t seem to pay off. If you brush and floss and you notice that your dental hygiene leaves you with a smile that still seems unclean and you’re still getting cavities, it might not feel worth it. We can check in with you to find out what needs to be changed, so you enjoy wonderful results.

It Hurts

Like just about anything else, if your dental hygiene hurts, you’re probably not very excited about it. The truth is, is should not ever hurt. If it does, see if perhaps you’re rushing or pressing too hard. If not, contact us. We would like to see you as soon as can be, so we can help you get back to comfortable daily care that works!

Improve Dental Hygiene By Talking With Us

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