Cough Drops, Hard Candies, And Your Smile

What’s that you’ve got in your mouth that is slowly dissolving? Is it a hard candy? A cough drop? This might not be a good plan. True, you’re not eating a whole candy bar, you’re just sucking on one candy! You’re not taking tons of pills to soothe your throat or open up your airways, you’re relying on menthol and eucalyptus! Of course, these are valid points. However, we’d like to make sure you’ve got your oral health in mind, too, in case you’ve overlooking some potential problems.

If You’re Sucking On Hard Candy Or Cough Drops…

If you’re popping hard candy or cough drops into your mouth every day, there are a couple things to think about. First, if they contain sugar, then for minutes at a time, your teeth are being covered in sugar. If they contain anything acidic or acid-forming, then they are bathing in acid. Neither promotes oral health. Both problems contribute to the breakdown of your enamel and the fact that you become more and more likely to develop decay and even staining.

If You’re Chewing Them…

Are you someone who intends on sucking on hard candy or cough drops but you end up biting them? If you chew hard food like this every day, possibly multiple times a day, then you may be eroding your chewing surfaces, causing chips, and you may even end up encouraging cracks. None of these changes are good for your oral health.

What To Do To Protect Your Smile…

We’d like you to remember that you may wish to look for alternatives or limit the amount you consume. You should also always rinse with water once you’re through. Then, if you can, head to the bathroom and brush within about a half hour.

Protect Teeth And Oral Health With Easy Suggestions

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