Sleep Apnea: How Are Your Surroundings?

One of the things you don’t want to deal with when you’re struggling with sleep apnea is to make it any harder to fall asleep. As a result, it’s important to ask yourself if you’re doing anything that might make it difficult to enter dreamland. How can you rely on our sleep apnea treatment to fix your sleeping if you are not even able to sleep at all? Fortunately, we have suggestions for things to address that you just might be overlooking.

Turn The TV Off

You will want to turn the TV off when you’re trying to fall asleep. You’ll actually want to turn all screens off prior to getting into bed if you can. This is because the light from screens (like your TV, computer, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) may trick your brain. Your brain might interpret it as sunlight, which then causes it to think it’s time to wake up for a new day (rather than go to sleep). Get the room nice and dark and give your eyes and brain a rest.

Get Comfortable

Get comfortable. If you’re not comfy, then you’re not going to fall asleep easily, which ultimately does not bode well for your sleep apnea treatment. Find pillows and bedding you like. Wear comfortable pajamas. Get the temperature right in your room. Once you sort out the details, creating a comforting environment that promotes sleep will be easy.

Make Sleep Time Relaxing

Is there anything that helps you really relax, turn your mind off, and soar into slumber? If so, make it part of your nightly ritual. Maybe you listen to guided meditation. Maybe you enjoy certain aromatherapy scents. Whatever it is: Get consistent with it, so your sleep apnea treatment has the chance to work!

See Us For Sleep Apnea Care Soon

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