Dry Mouth: It’s A Little More Serious Than You Think!

Unless you already look at dry mouth as a very serious concern, you may be underestimating the way it can negatively affect your smile. Now, this does not mean there’s any reason to panic if you should wake up with a somewhat sticky mouth that is clearly deficient of its usual saliva flow. However, when you begin noticing that your mouth could use some moisture replenishment, it’s certainly time to snap into action. Let’s talk consequences and why addressing the issue is key.

You Need Moisture For Eating

You can’t eat and enjoy food like usual when dry mouth is affecting you. Recognize the two basic reasons:

  • Your saliva is essential in being able to sense and detect the flavors in your food
  • Your saliva and its enzymes work to moisten and soften food, so you can swallow it!

You Need It For Speaking, Too!

You know what it sounds like when you listen to someone speak and their mouth makes a smacking sound with each articulation. This may happen to you if you don’t have enough saliva present in your mouth! You may find it embarrassing and even uncomfortable. Your saliva that is there might feel thick and strange. Adjusting moisture levels will lead to improvement.

You Need Moisture For A Healthy Smile

Yep, that saliva that disappears when you have dry mouth is actually very good for your smile and oral health. It cleanses your teeth. It removes bacteria. It neutralizes acids. All in all, it helps you avoid things like cavities, gingivitis, halitosis, and more.

Treat Dry Mouth With The Help Of Our Team

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