If You Remember One Thing This Summer…

There are a lot of suggestions we can come up with and that we will probably mention to you regarding summer smile health. While we’d love for you to adhere to every last one of them, we also know the power of making one major suggestion: Since it’s just one and it’s important, chances are good you’ll have an easy time remembering it and even following through. So, for this summer and all that follow, remember: Drink lots of water!

It’s Hydrating

You want your body to be healthy, of course. You want to enjoy excellent smile health, too. One of the absolute essentials for sustaining life (and healthy life at that) is water. You need food. You need water. You need oxygen. You need shelter, too. So, remember to keep water at the top of that list because you know that dehydration is dangerous for every part of your body, including your mouth.

It’s Cleansing

You’ve seen the cleansing power of water. It’s the first thing you rush to when your hands are dirty. It’s what you use when you shower. So, when you drink more of it, you’re cleaning your smile throughout the day. It’s especially helpful to compare this to drinking other beverages like coffee, sports drinks, juice, etc., all of which can damage your smile health!

It’s Neutralizing

As you learn more about your smile health, you discover that avoiding acidity is a key factor in preventing problems like decay. Remember that water is neutral and, as a result, helps to neutralize the pH in your mouth. Drink it to keep everything calm and to keep the negative impacts of bacteria (which release acid) from harming you.

Get Our Summer Care Tips During Visits

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