Things that Invisalign® Helps You Avoid

The purpose of Invisalign® clear aligners is to straighten crooked teeth, which makes them automatically beneficial for your smile. The longer your teeth remain crooked, the more exposed they are to potentially serious oral health risks, and Invisalign® helps make straightening them more comfortable and convenient than braces. By providing a more discreet alternative to braces, Invisalign® aligners benefit your smile by helping you avoid a wide range of potential oral health concerns.

Problems with good hygiene

Good dental hygiene is always essential, whether your teeth are straight or crooked. However, when they’re crooked, keeping them properly and consistently clean can be a lot more difficult. Crooked teeth can overlap each other or have edges that are turned at odd angles, making it almost impossible to clean away plaque and food particles from their surfaces. With traditional braces, daily hygiene can also be more challenging, and you may need specialized cleaning tools to effectively clean between your braces and teeth. By contrast, Invisalign® clear aligners effectively straighten your teeth and can be temporarily removed so you can brush and floss your teeth unobstructed.

TMJ pain, bruxism, and more

When your teeth aren’t aligned properly, they won’t meet each other evenly when you bite down. This imbalance can put a large amount of stress and strain on your jaw joints, or TMJs, which can lead to chronic pain and discomfort known as TMJ disorder. You might also develop chronic teeth-grinding, or bruxism, due to the strain placed on your oral structures, which can lead to potentially severe wear and damage to your teeth. By correcting your tooth alignment, Invisalign® helps you avoid problems with your bite to reduce the risks of needing further treatment.

Risks of chronic dental disease

Besides problems with your bite, the improper alignment of your teeth can also increase your risks of developing common chronic dental diseases, like tooth decay and gum disease. These are the result of excessive oral bacteria buildup on your teeth and along your gum line, and the ability for Invisalign® to make good hygiene easier also helps reduce your risks of developing such issues.

Benefit from Invisalign® clear aligners

With the help of Invisalign® clear aligners, you can avoid the problems associated with crooked teeth and the inconveniences that come with traditional braces. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling the Absolute Dental Care office in Virginia Beach, VA, today at (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients from Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.